While much of the executive search industry has gravitated to emphasizing deep sectoral or functional expertise and proprietary global networks, Tom believes that, in selecting senior most corporate leadership, what matters most to the success of a project is gaining a deep, nuanced understanding of the business objectives in making an appointment and making an uncompromising commitment to ensuring a superior, enduring fit.  The new, global digital world has dramatically enhanced our ability to swiftly and accurately pinpoint relevant pools of talent.  Winning the race to engage and secure that talent has increasingly become the critical success factor.

We fully appreciate that the choices facing our clients in terms of selecting fresh senior executive leadership and in making additions to their boards are amongst the most strategically critical they are called upon to make.  These decisions often have powerful long term impacts.  Getting these decisions right the first time, and ensuring smooth, enduring integration of these executives and directors is urgently important to the clients with whom we work.

Our objective is to de-risk these decisions for both the clients making the selection and the candidates considering the opportunity.  We firmly believe that the success of an engagement can only really be determined 18 months after the choice is made.

The approach we take to our engagements is high touch, customized to our clients’ unique needs and aimed at ensuring the business goals in making these choices are fully realized.  We specialize in digging deeper into the strategic context for our clients’ needs, in being fully engaged throughout the process and in delivering thorough follow through.

Tom personally leads all assignments.

  • He handles all client, potential candidate and industry expert sourcing discussions.

  • He works with the client to identify the key success metrics for the appointment, develops the ideal candidate profile (including the key competencies, personal and professional attributes sought) and establishing the search strategy in terms of the companies, sectors and markets to be systematically canvassed.

  • Tom interviews and assesses all candidates to develop the short list and sits in on first in-person client and candidate interviews to assist in evaluating chemistry fit and qualifications to narrow the list.

  • He conducts all reference checks, assists in developing the compensation strategy and customarily delivers the verbal offer framework to the chosen candidate to ensure no barriers exist to an acceptance.

This is a point at which many search professionals will close the file and move on to the next search.  We regard this as only a good start.

  • An absolutely essential part of our approach is to remain in close contact with both our client and placed executive or board member through the first 18 months of their working relationship.  At a minimum this entails quarterly check ins.  Where circumstances warrant, our involvement is more significant, as we are often in the unique position of fully appreciating the original intentions of all involved in deciding to join forces.

  • We also work with clients throughout the search process to plan ahead for the crucial onboarding and integration efforts. Identifying both potential accelerators and barriers to a smooth and speedy introduction of the successful candidate can have very tangible benefits for all concerned.  Making these potential opportunities and stumbling blocks discussable from the beginning to accelerate integration is powerfully effective as a cornerstone for success.

We believe that past performance is the strongest predictor of future potential.  As such, the foundation of our process is competency-based assessment, combined with thorough reference checking geared towards the competencies sought.  Often, clients prefer to stress test candidate evaluations and their appointment/hiring decisions utilizing different streams of data.  In those instances, we augment our process through psychometric testing coordinated with a highly qualified third party provider.

Finally, we respect both the critical nature of these decisions for clients and candidates alike, as well as the highly sensitive and confidential nature of these conversations.  Our commitment is to spare no effort in delivering advice and support which is discreet, professional and effective.